Welcome to the Digital Futures Blog

What is Digital Futures?

In order to access primary qualitative data now and in the future, we need data to be accurately, richly and contextually described. The current challenge is thus to make data open, accessible, citable and linkable, via the medium of the internet.

The Digital Futures project, funded by ESRC, encompasses two strands of work which cover requirements gathering, system design, implementation and testing, preparation of enhanced qualitative data to populate the system, and user outputs making use of the linked scholars.

In the first strand we are developing a user-friendly system for publishing and exploring qualitative data online, to be used by the UK Data Service, and potentially offering opportunities for publishing qualitative data for other data services internationally.

The second strand is enhancing existing data, currently in non-digital format, working within a user-driven framework guided by linked scholars and teachers who will be actively working on some of the data.  Enhanced data, such as digitized open-ended questions from surveys and transcribed interviews will be published into the online delivery system developed in the first strand of work.

We will be updating this site periodically with progress of the digitization and data enhancement of the Digital Futures collection, as well as with updates on our metadata approach and technical developments.

If you want to get in touch with us regarding the reuse of data from this collection, please contact mahaak@essex.ac.uk.

More updates to come!

Posted by Maureen Haaker and Louise Corti


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