New Collection Digitised

We are finishing up the digitisation of Allan Silver’s classic study of “Angels in Marble”, a study of Working Class Conservatives in Urban England and moving on to new collections! So far we have digitised Pahl’s School Leavers Study and reprocessed and prepared XML text for three interview collections:

Also in queue for digitisation and enhancement are the two interview studies:

Next week we will be visiting the National Archives to select a sample for digitisation from the array of treasury-tagged, WWII Morale Reports. These government reports are written in a narrative fashion and contain rich descriptions of attitudes and opinions of soldiers and civilians during the war. For more information about these reports, please visit TNA’s Discovery catalogue. We are also working with planning the Modern Records Centre to digitise Charles Critcher’s “Coal and Community” and Richard Brown’s “Shipbuilding on Tyneside”. If you are interested in the re-use of any of this data, please get in touch with us at

We have also made huge progress on the development of the Digital Futures website.  We are reviewing the prototype browsing system and finalizing search facets. The underlying metadata schema, QuDEX is proving to be powerful and highly adaptable. The new website is set to be launched in Spring of 2014.

Posted by Maureen Haaker


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