UK QualiBank launched

In April 2014 we launched the first iteration of QualiBank – our qualitative data searching and browsing system that we have been developing under the UK Data Service’s Digital Futures project.  This contained 5 open collections. In June we launched a second version with collections behind our authentication system.

QualiBank,, is the UK Data Service’s search and browse interface for qualitative data objects allowing searching of the content of text files, such as interviews, essays, open ended questions and reports. It also allows searching of metadata attached to these objects, such as a description of an image or of an audio recording, and it enables hyperlinking to related objects. A citation can be made for a whole object or interview extracts, and this is quite an exciting development that has been praised by the data citation community.  

We have a user guide coming, a technical paper on its development to follow and a streamlined data publishing system currently under construction.  In the coming months we will also be releasing various technical components of the system for use by others including a metadata entry tool and a load and validating package.  Please contact us if you would like the such as the metadata schemas (DDI, QuDEx and TEI) or the Solr queries we use.

Many thanks to those of who contributed collections and to those who helped us get this project on the road!


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